the beast.

Can you see me? from the dark depths of my inner home, my sacred sanctuary, I see you. Those eyes, the persistence, the gnawing craving that trails despair and regret. Why are you here? Why won’t you leave?

I know why.

Euphoria, the sheer and utter bliss of satisfaction that oh so conquers curiosity. I bring you the cure, it says. Better yet, I bring you an escape. What a tease. To bring desire into this mundane world of ours is a succubus, teasing too closely to our unwanted wants, our unneeded needs; destroying what we have and gaining what we will lose. Where can this bring us but closer to the doom of our home. The world around us will feel nothing yet the destruction of me will be complete.

Our home is no more; it is taken by the beast.



Does anyone get that feeling where in one moment in time there seems to be a monumental shift in our lives; an incident that feels so predetermined to alter the course of your life that it is useless to avoid? It almost feels like it is “a fixed point in time” as Doctor Who would call it. Have you ever felt the sheer weight of importance that follows the awareness of the fact, physically demanding your every attention? I have.

We get moments like nerve-wrecking job interviews, lingering kisses, and grief-stricken funerals to shape our lives and develop our characters; but what if I told you a small bird dancing in the snow was all it took for me to turn my life around forever.