waiting. Part 2

Messaging, my god does the world revolve around this ever-so-present form of digital communication. When instant messaging became a thing in the noughties I was hooked and, I think, so was every hormone ridden teenager. We had a form of communication that needed minimal amounts of actual interaction. Perfect, now we can develop social skills that stem¬†from the art of abbreviated words and emoticons to seduce the opposite sex (or same). I am a bit of a fan of Robin William’s Dead Poet Society and his monologue “very is a lazy word…” “…Language was invented for one reason, boys – to woo women – and, in that endeavour, laziness will not do.”

But I guess this has given us a new way to express ourselves in text. For example; “I’m going to meet Olivia today ūüôā ” means I’m happily going, entirely different to ” I’m going to meet Olivia today ūüė• ” I don’t want to go or even “I’m going to meet Olivia¬†today ;)” hehe, I wonder what’s going to happen there ;). I must admit it is quite effective.

As I observe this world around us I notice the number of choices we have in our everyday lives is astounding (there is a TED video on the paradox of choice). Do we find it suffocating or is it a relief? When it comes to how we deal with social situations people now have the option to delay or even neglect messages and not feel the pressure that they once did. And so people wait.

Whether catching up with friends or talking to a romantic interest, we care about the people we are talking to (I hope) and I’m guessing it is the reason why waiting for a reply is so keenly felt. We create this link between the time it takes for them to reply to how much they care about us. Ridiculous no? People are busy. I know this. You know this. Yet after a day or two without a response we begin to question Are they alive? Did they receive the message? How many ticks are there?¬†

I guess it’s a picnic for one.

But it’s ever so common for new relationships to end with silence, another absent being that met our lives on a tangent that never meant to be anything more than a glimpse into each other’s world. How can we say they meant more than just a name representing a hope that could’ve, would’ve, but should not have been someone special.

We question ourselves. We shun the concept of love.
Then we pick ourselves up and move on.

The right message is worth the wait.


waiting. Part 1

We experience it in so many aspects in our lives; many dread it, but in the modern society of our developed worlds we have gained access to so many avenues of escape from this inefficient use of time; until it means too much to be distracted from. We find ourselves craving that response; when can you reply? Is it a yes or a no? Can I have my food now?

Does waiting make it all worth it?

I experienced the despair of negative feedback from an important job today. Excruciating. I ¬†asked for feedback from a friend I know within the company and it wasn’t good news. Here’s how it went. After some pleasantries¬†I asked if he received word about the outcome of the interview. A brief pause. It’s only natural¬†while texting to have a pause but this one gave me enough time to evaluate the golden ratio of my room to where it sat spatially in the universe.”It didn’t work out…” I was devastated, this job that has been stringing me along for the better part of 3 months has finally come to the conclusion that I wasn’t worth their time. I started considering the other jobs that could possibly¬†live up to the potential of this position and they fell drastically short. Two minutes passed. “I think”.

I felt like ripping his fingers off his hands.

But it gave me hope. I drew upon my reserves and started the process of searching for other work just like any other day. I have learnt from my mistake for asking for too much when the time is just not right. What can it give us but a greater sense of uncertainty while skewing our ideas to set us up for a greater fall or causing unnecessary grief.

It wasn’t the right time.