Guys. Guys and gals. Listen up. Here are some trivial irks that have irked me today; and yes, my ego has told me that you will be interested.

It irks me that the weather forecast predicted a top of 29 (C) at 12pm while it is a a comfortable 21 degrees now at 12:30pm.

It irks me that the heater I’m using as a door stop doesn’t weigh enough to keep the door from closing from the wind.

It really irks me that the lemons that life gives you are always seen as bad things that need to be turned into something good. I fucking love lemons.

I irks me that I put my swimming goggles in a place in which I knew I would forget, but did so anyway. Now I don’t know where they are…

I developed an irk for my flatmate’s parents who are going to stay with us for the next 6 months.

And the itch of irk when there is no milk for coffee ticks with me throughout the day.

It irks me how much people can affect our lives. – I was happy before you said those words but seeing your smile had warmed me in the coldest of times.

My dear friends, you have irked me in ways that can frustrate the sagest of monks; but it was fun and I will remember it forever. #paybackisreal

The irk that is the most irksome of irks is that I cannot do the things I love to do or be the person I want to be.



Irksome; via Daily Prompt: Irksome


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