the path.

With the life I live I see more borders containing people than zoos keeping animals.
I see people thriving on each side as I walk by, unable to reach out;
Unable to connect.

This path I walk winds through many counties, many states.
Through countries stricken by famine and countries thriving in wealth;
in cities where success is the only quantity and passion draws upon greed;
in the countryside where life is simple and content;
in slums where survival is of wit and cunning, and honour is weak
and prisons for people who hold no love at all,
destined to drain life from those love them.
I have seen it all. Through passing windows, a stained glass view of the world.

I walk close and touch a boundary;
becoming a tangent, a passing stranger, insignificant in their lives.
I see a glimpse of who they are and gain an impression of their world as they look back and see the same.

It is lonely.

Can I break through this border?
To scale the walls barricading my life?
To pierce through the membrane that so precariously holds me back?

I see the borders and with my head down I see the path before me.
A hand reaches out slips through the window,
I look up, she smiles and beckons me to climb through.
I do, surprised and frightened at what this means.
Immediately the wall surrounding her becomes the most beautiful mountain landscape.
As I peer through and stand beside her I am stunned.

The path is still here.

And so are the borders.



via Daily Prompt: Border; Border

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