The future; our future; my future.
It is not necessarily the same. Sure one may influence the other, some more than than others but they are seperate only overlapping in areas that we share. Our hemispheres of action and consequence; our world; our own little bubble of life, it’s all we have.

What then becomes of choices that determine my future? Might it affect our future and further, THE future?

We spend the most time in our lives building a career. It becomes a part of who we are, shaping us, and guiding us through life with an unseen hand.

It defines us.

We try not to let it as we delve into our hobbies and passions in the pursuit of individuality and colour in our lives. To be interesting; to set us apart; to give us the drive to carry out work we may not be passionate about.

What if we were passionate about work?

Oh boy, is this great. We’ve found what we wanted to do or am content with the work before us. Perfect.

What if we’re not?

What if all we wanted to do with our lives were to become a writer, an actor or a singer? What if we dream of an escape from the mundane lemmings’ world of 9-5 and venture to become our own master of coin? This dream; so unrealistic, yet so tantalizingly possible; what if we give it a shot?

Define ourselves with our choices that we make, living the dreams that influence the future.

Dare we?


via Daily Prompt: Daring; Daring

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