Wouldn’t life be great if all our challenges were tested on paper before we sat the practical?

Imagine how successful everyone would become. We’d know what would succeed, what would fail, when we need to let go and when to persevere.

We’d use our time to prepare and have in mind what to say, but not know when to say it.

What if we learnt all those skill and have had our written our exam just to find out the questions were different on paper than in real life.

Same syllabus different questions, different test same answers.

Imagine if this was our education. Imagine the potential.



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4 thoughts on “test.

    1. Yes also I wanted to highlight how inadequate the education systems is in preparing for life itself. How to take on risks, our finance, juggling responsibilities. That’s our test, the one we haven’t prepared for. We have so much knowledge that I am grateful for but I think we are missing something which can unlock our true potential.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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      1. True true. Mostly so it can be measured in a system comparing students to one another in a bid to determine how smart they are.
        The skills that they say are important are glorified and are given easier paths through life at the expense of others.
        I’m glad that becoming less common these days with alternative testing but i still feel there could be a lot to be done.

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