Opinions, everyone has them. Right? We go to school to develop our critical thinking and surely after all those years you will gain some insight into how to form educated opinions. It is so second nature, it’s just expressing your perspective on things.

Tell me what you think.

What if you don’t think? What if you have no idea why you like sushi or why you like the new Frank Ocean album? What if someone asks you why and you have no answer?
What if all you can say is “I like sushi and I like listening to Frank Ocean”? Wow, aren’t you an interesting specimen? Along with Japan and surprising number of global cities, and 276,000 people who bought Ocean’s album in the first week; you have such a unique opinion. Condescending sarcasm aside, opinions matter, they build our personality and show others how we see the things that we all share.

So much in our lives we don’t question why, I know I don’t often enough. I read the news, I watch my favourite Netflix shows and I forget. The moment they have kept me entertained is gone so it is no longer needed, so it is discarded, forgotten amid the myriad of study notes thrown away after an exam. Why? Do they not have a purpose? If it was up to me I would never want to forget a thing I read, yet it is forgotten and it seemingly is up to me. Strange, no?

It definitely is hard to develop an opinion if you don’t remember any of the content you take in. Not to mention it makes grade A boring in conversations.



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