The Yearn for Perfection

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Opinions, everyone has them. Right? We go to school to develop our critical thinking and surely after all those years you will gain some insight into how to form educated opinions. It is so second nature, it’s just expressing your perspective on things.

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the share market.

Let’s be honest here, everyone wants to make money.

Well fuck me, look who’s the revolutionary blogger sweeping the internet with their life changing perspectives. Thank- YOU Captain Obvious.

The share market or the stocks market if you’re not from Australia is a way of making more money with your savings than just leaving it in the bank. Of course, people will say that the economic climate isn’t great and it’s dangerous, and I’ll be honest it is.

Then why invest?

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So it starts again.

So I’m back. After my time away from writing and inspiration from this blog by Abdullahi, I’m going to give another crack. One helpful piece of advice I want to put out there is one from a meme I saw earlier today.

Tread Lightly.

I am not going to treat blogging as a perfectionist outlet, letting out crazy over the top ideas and endless editing.

It’s going to be a light hearted rehash of my life and whatever research I feel like throwing your way.

After all….why so serious?