looking for work.

I wake up, I wash up and I drink coffee and so goes the start of my day for the past 7 years and the many more to come. But what next? What comes after the mundane and the necessary? Is it fighting for social justice? Combating climate change? Revolutionising technologies? Or is it even getting filthy rich? I, and I believe most, will be happy with any of those. But what is work for most but a means to an end; an avenue to achieve goals that are rewarded for tokens to spend in our personal lives.

What about our work lives? The mere acknowledgement that there is a separation between the two requires thought into the health of both. Let me ask you this question then. What can money buy you at work? It cannot improve the conditions you work in, you cannot buy a rewarding life at work. You can only work to improve the conditions you live in by climbing the dreaded ladder of death (or life as they would say). What a ladder it is, to see only rungs to propel us forward, and only rungs to support us. We rise above it all, slowly, menacingly, yet assuredly; we want this! Working hard we grow; we tower above the rest; Our lives are supreme and we can do anything. Only then do we realise the rungs we’ve tread on is the life that is most dear to us; our family, our friends, our lovers, our passions.

And so my thoughts continue to find endless ways of perpetuating the unattractiveness of work. It’s degrading prisons that envelop our lives in such a nonchalant manner sickens me; yet I am drawn endlessly to its luster of wealth and conformity.

I am unemployed and will continue to frustrate myself in this tiresome life until I find the answer. But what next?