waiting. Part 1

We experience it in so many aspects in our lives; many dread it, but in the modern society of our developed worlds we have gained access to so many avenues of escape from this inefficient use of time; until it means too much to be distracted from. We find ourselves craving that response; when can you reply? Is it a yes or a no? Can I have my food now?

Does waiting make it all worth it?

I experienced the despair of negative feedback from an important job today. Excruciating. I  asked for feedback from a friend I know within the company and it wasn’t good news. Here’s how it went. After some pleasantries I asked if he received word about the outcome of the interview. A brief pause. It’s only natural while texting to have a pause but this one gave me enough time to evaluate the golden ratio of my room to where it sat spatially in the universe.”It didn’t work out…” I was devastated, this job that has been stringing me along for the better part of 3 months has finally come to the conclusion that I wasn’t worth their time. I started considering the other jobs that could possibly live up to the potential of this position and they fell drastically short. Two minutes passed. “I think”.

I felt like ripping his fingers off his hands.

But it gave me hope. I drew upon my reserves and started the process of searching for other work just like any other day. I have learnt from my mistake for asking for too much when the time is just not right. What can it give us but a greater sense of uncertainty while skewing our ideas to set us up for a greater fall or causing unnecessary grief.

It wasn’t the right time.



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